• Image of Bent Road Botrytis Sauvignon Blanc 2013 (375ml)

A Not-So-Sweet version of the classic Botrytised wines of the world. Mouthwatering acidity backs up lashings of tropical and citrus fruits with just a hint of candied peel from the botrytis.

The creation of this zippy aperitif-styled botrytis wine came about as the result of a "series of unfortunate events" that actually turned out to our advantage!

Early rains and the onset of Botrytis in the vineyard canned ourt plans to make a traditional dry Sauvignon Blanc so we decided to let it hang and aim for a sticky 'Sauternes' style Savvy.

Further rain forecasts, however, dictated that we pick it a lot earlier than we had planned so rather than a luscious dessert wine, we have crafted a not-so-sweet botrytised wine perfect for lighter desserts or even as palate cleanser before food!